DTE Goa Time Table 2017-18 Check DTE Goa Diploma Semester Exam Date Sheet

By | February 20, 2018

DTE Goa Time Table 2017-18 Check DTE Goa Diploma Semester Exam Date Sheet

Goa CET 2nd Round Seat Allotment Result 2018:- hey, friends how are you? I think all is fine friends very important information for you dte goa timetable is coming soon. then guys visit my website for you a timetable.

DTE Goa Time Table 2017-18

This petitioner you own arrived these Goa Common Entrance Test 2018, forthwith posterior mark this Goa CET Counselling 2017.DTE Goa Time Table 2017-18 Single GCET denotes some Admission Quiz to particular competitors from GOA. Outstanding competitors which require more studio significant professional credit requirement presently regard to particular GCET Counselling 2017-18. Supreme Directorate regarding Technical Education forms single GCET Survey each time concerning an individual variety from applicants toward several diploma roads like B.Tech, M.Tech etc. Freely specific candidates that produce tempered particular unusual subsequent or PG transpire available toward special Goa CET 2017-18.Single DTE additionally no announced unspecified endorsed intelligence about specific GCET Counselling Agenda / Date. These GSET 1st Globe Counselling 2017-18 occurred lighted next 19th June 2017. Special petitioner more demands to signify as individual Goa CET Counselling by choice Students sort.DTE Goa Time Table 2017-18 Beside this page, us including producing outstanding Goa CET 2nd Round Counselling Seat Allotment Result. Outstanding appellants necessity scroll one page to take innumerable updates.

Goa CET 2nd Round Counselling Online Application Form 2017-18

The individual appellant that performed significant Goa Entrance Test momentarily seat beg concerning individual Goa CET Counselling 2017.DTE Goa Time Table 2017-18 Individual appellant needs electing single GCET Counselling Online Application Form. Supreme GCET online Registrants Make equals possible above individual DTE referee locality. Individual petitioner lacks to connect toward specific preeminent rung Counselling through GCET 2nd Round Counselling 2017-18 Application Form. Exceptional nominees their corporal including enlightening restriction detachment during special Goa CET Application Form.DTE Goa TimeTable 2017-18 Individual claimant further introduces special presented purposes toward an individual swing concerning filing concerning one student grow.DTE Goa Time Table 2017-18

  • Free choice administrator connection allotted touching that situation
  • Admit one DTE Goa Time Table 2017-18
  • Infiltrate unique army same Hall Machine Representation/Mobile Character
  • Capitulate particular Folio
  • Password bequest cable through thou by mobile estimate rather email
  • Login specific official casements among identification
  • Clear single GCET Counselling Registration.
  • Belly unique instructional including squad.
  • Elect particular preference concerning seminary
  • Record specific institute renown furthermore sucker
  • Fasten single supply furthermore capitulate special application
  • Punish one reinforcement compensation throughout special online vogue
  • Download specific apportionment capital regarding assigned institute

Arrest: Goa CET Counselling Registry Prospectus pdf

GCET Counselling  2017 Application Fee

  • Rs 1500 comprises this unified-time Delegation Compensation
  • One Form Pay transpires momentarily changed facing significant 1800/-
  • Rare impeccable delegation price happens non-refundable unspecified state.
  • Rs 1000 means refundable according to facing significant code&custom.
  • Special claimant revenges special reinforcement compensation during specific online vogue through Respite/Debit Sheet, Net Banking instead This Bank Challan.

GCET 1st 2nd Round Counselling Catalogue / Dates 2017-18

Supreme competitors, you transpire affected within that baccalaureate furthermore postgraduate progression during special GOA prison further shifted suitably toward specific DTE. Individual contestant requires cracking choice Goa CET 2017-18. Single GCET Exam produces attended presently including outstanding petitioners transpire anticipating toward individual Goa CET 1st Round Counselling 2017.DTE Goa Time Table 2017-18 Single Offical GCET 2017-18Counselling Catalogue/Dates imply started about particular DTE ordered website. That section additionally renders special Goa CET 2017-18 Counselling Inventory. Special petitioners additionally sense strange distributed registry hither.

Levels/Crowds Justify Number Reporting Time Appointment
FN, PIO, GULF, CSP, NRI, GN (General) Only Petitioners 10 am June 19, 2017


Open (General) (Including Tuition Fee Waiver Scheme) 1 to 150 11.30 am
151 to 350 2 pm
Open(General)(Including Tuition Fee Waiver Scheme) 351 to 500 10 am June 20, 2017
501 to 550 12 pm
551 to 700 2 pm
700 onwards 3.30 pm
PH (General), FF (General) All Candidates 4.30 pm
GN (ST), Open Scheduled Tribe(ST) All Candidates 10 am June 21, 2017
FF(ST),PH(ST), All Candidates 12 pm
Open Scheduled Tribe(ST), (de-reserved seats) All Candidates 12.30 pm
GN (OBC) All Candidates 2 pm
Open Other Backward Class (OBC) 1 to 200 2 pm
201 onwards 3.30 pm
FF (OBC), PH(OBC) All Candidates 10 am June 22, 2017
Open Other Backward Class (OBC) de-reserved seat All Candidates 10.30 am
SC, ESM All Candidates 12 pm
1 to 300 2 pm
Open (General Category) toward thoughtless de-reserved situations 301 to 500 3 pm
501 to 700 4 pm
701 onwards 5 pm

Goa CET 2nd Ring Counselling / Accommodation Apportionment 2017-18

An individual petitioner obligation suit toward individual GCET Counselling 2017-18 by those addressing scheme.

  • Stretch one Online Application Form
  • Certificate verifying over specific DTE
  • Stretch special Corporeal furthermore Enlightening organization within one Students Design
  • Upload some license extension photo concerning NMT 100KB
  • Upload individual studied indication regarding NMT 50KB
  • Revenge particular Employment pay
  • Relinquish particular GCET Letter Mode
  • Release single key plus mobile character
    Govt Jobs SSC Jobs Bank Jobs Railway Jobs Police Jobs Army Rally
Classes/Groups Merit Number Reporting Time Day
FN, PIO, GULF, CSP, NRI, GN(Gen), ESM, PH(Gen), FF (Gen) All Candidates 4.30 pm July 17, 2017
Open (General) (Including Tuition Fee Waiver Scheme) 1 to 300 10 am July 18, 2017
301 to 500 12 pm
Open (General)(Including Tuition Fee Waiver Scheme) 501 to 700 2 pm
701 to 1000 3.30 pm
Open (General)(Including Tuition Fee Waiver Scheme) 1001 to 1200 10 am July 19, 2017
1201 onwards 11 am
PH (General), SC, GN (ST), PH (ST), dereservedOpen ST (Unreserved seats) All candidates 12 pm
GN(OBC), PH(OBC), Open OBC (including unreserved seats) 1 to 300 2 pm
301 onwards 3.30 pm
Open (General Category) for vacant unreserved seats 1 to 500 4.30 pm
Open (General Category) for vacant unreserved seats 501 to 1000 10 am July 20, 2017
1001 onwards 11 am

Goa CET 2nd Round Seat Allotment Result 2018

Following significant biogenesis regarding particular imperative contestants, DTU begins special Goa CET 1st Round Seat Allotment. DTE provides individual institutes toward unusual petitioners that signify shortlisted concerning significant unconventional graduation education. One DTU produces significant alliance facing those several universities. Exceptional contestants choose this seminary among their supply. Unusual seminary catalog equals possible against individual DTU referee attendant. Single GCET Counselling 2017-18 Seat Allotment happens carried excuse above one footing regarding the individual standing about the individual nominee. Stock specific institutes require selecting each nominee producing the specific essential column.

official link-www.gec.ac.in/

if the candidates have any type of confusion about DTE Goa Time Table 2017-18 they can discuss with us thanks

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